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Shipping - Freight - Misc.

Our porchbeds are custom made per client. They may also vary slightly in size if need be to best accommodate your available porch space. Price will vary to size of porchbed frame desired. We can also add details from your home's architectural design to your porchbed. Or send us a picture of what you'd like to see on your porch!

Porchbeds         850-419-3977        850-836-6225         Swingbeds

Our frames are quality built, utilizing high grade KDAT pressure treated wood. We do not hand pick our lumber at Lowe's or Home Depot, we order in the best cabinet grade wood/lumber. Only small knots, no splits, no warpage of wood starting off. Frames are clamped, glued and screwed, no gaps or cracks in joints. High quality sprayed paint finish.

No rush jobs or party dates. Hard to do great work in a hurry.

Helping create both family memories and heirloom products for you & your family.

Freight Information:   

Porchbed Frames   All our porchbed frames do not include shipping-freight charges to you yet.

These porchbeds do not break down for shipping. Shipping cost varies to your zip code and your location. Most beds we have shipped thus far ran cost wise between $350-650.00 in addition to cost of porchbed package.

Mattress Covers/Throw Pillows/Bolsters   Shipped to you via UPS. These UPS charges are in addition to costs of products.

Hanging Hardware:   Four eyebolts are included with your porchbed to screw into your new porchbed to hang. We do not mount these as they vary as to where they might need to attach depending on your porch pariculars. We let the installer mount them where they fit best to your house/porch.

We do not include rope or chains or ceiling mounting hardware. it is much easier to let whoever is installing your porchbed to pick up the hardware locally. Each house varies greatly as to installation details and what type of hardware is actually needed.

Porchbed Frames/Project Time: 6-8 weeks custom project time.