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Outdoor Fabrics

Choose your outdoor fabric for us to custom make your porchbed mattress cover, or outdoor mattress cover.  Also custom made matching pillows & bolsters. We also custom make indoor & outdoor loose cushions utilizing Sunbrella fabrics. Color chips below

Our mattress covers and pillow prices use Grade A-solid color canvas fabrics below as the base rate of cost. Grade B  below has an additional fabric surcharge, as well any other Sunbrella fabric that you choose directly off Sunbrella's website.  There you will find more prints, stripes and textures. Links below  for Sunbrella in red. Happy shopping!                                                                                           

You can also go directly to Sunbrella's website for more fabric options.

Sunbrella Heritage    Green product  50% recycled content  DOG friendly!   Dog Beds!

Sunbrella Spectrum   Lighter weight, but durable. Good choice for outdoor drapery panels

Keep in mind any other Sunbrella fabrics you choose beyond our Grade A Sunbrella Canvas fabric are custom quote options.

Also check out more 100% solution dyed fabrics at <LINK

Grade A Sunbrella/Canvas/Upholstery  Outdoor Furniture Fabrics. Our Standard Fabric/Color Options for quoted prices.          View more colors  link>  Canvas

F-5404  Natural.
F-5453   Canvas
F-5414 Wheat

5404-Natural       5453-Canvas         5414-Wheat

F-5435   Canvas - Cornsilk F-5438   Canvas - Buttercup
F-5457   Canvas - Sunflower Yellow.
F-5484   Canvas - Brass

5484-Brass           5438-Buttercup   5435-Cornsilk      5457Sunflower                 

F-5417  Canvas - Tuscan F-5403 Jockey Red
F-5436   Canvas - Burgundy F-5427 Canvas - Coral
F-5413  Canvas Spa

5417-Tuscan      5403-JockeyRed   5436-Burgundy    5427-Coral          5413-Spa

F-5419   Canvas - Celadon
F-5405 Parrot F-5429   Canvas - Macaw F-5428   Canvas - Glacier F-5416  Canvas - Aruba

   5419-Celadon     5405-Parrot        5429-Macaw      5428-Glacier        5416-Aruba

F-5456   Canvas - Teal
F-5446   Canvas - Forest Green
F-5473   Canvas - Stone Green
F-5487  Heather - Fern F-5420  Canvas - Mineral Blue

5456-Teal            5446-Forest         5473-StoneGrn    5487-Heather      5420-MineralBlue

F-5426  Canvas - Capri F-5424   Canvas - Sky Blue
F-5410  Air Blue F-5401  Pacific Blue F-5452  Canvas - Sapphire Blue

5426-Capri          5424-SkyBlue      5410-AirBlue        5401-Pacific       5452-Sapphire

F-5439   Canvas - Navy F-5422   Canvas - Antique Beige
F-5471  Canvas - Raven Black
F-5489   Coal
F-5461  Canvas - Taupe

5439-Navy        5471-BlackRaven       5489-Coal         5422-AntBeige      5461-Taupe

F-5476  Heather Beige F-5470   Canvas - Walnut
F-5468 Canvas - Camel
F-5488   Heather - Teak F-5432   Canvas - Baybrown

5426-HeatherBeige   5488-Teak      5468-Camel        5432-BayBrown    5470-Walnut

Grade B Fabric    Sunbrella/Dupione - 100% Solution dyed acrylic .

Additional fabric surcharge to cost of products.     More Colors -

F-8010   Dupione - Pearl
F-8011  Dupione -  Sand
F-8014  Dupione -  Maize
F-8013 Dupione -  Bamboo
F-8012   Dupione - Cornsilk

8010-Pearl           8011-Sand           8014-Maize        8013-Bamboo      8012-Cornsilk

F-8019 Dupione -  Deep Sea F-8050   Dupione -  Paradise
F-8058   Dupione - Seafoam F-8052   Dupione - Palm

8058-Seafoam      8019-DeepSea      8050-Paradise      8052-Palm          

F-8015 Dupione -  Laurel F-8051  Dupione -  Crimson
F-8017 Dupione -  Walnut F-8016  Dupione -  Galaxy

8015-Laurel         8017-Walnut       8051-Crimson        8016-Galaxy

Sunbrella Samples: We can have Sunbrella send you up to five fabric samples. Just email us your mailing address and the Sunbrella sample numbers you'd like to receive. Takes 7-14 days generally for you to receive the samples.

Also you can see more Sunbrella fabrics at the following two links.  <<Link    <<Link


Depending on fabric selected, there may be an additional fabric cost surcharge to cost of products, as some of these are more expensive than the Grade A option/Canvas.

Sunbrella Heritage    Green product/50% recycled content    DOG friendly!

Sunbrella Spectrum    Lighter weight, but durable. Good choice for outdoor drapery panels.


Remember each dye lot run  may change slightly in color. These color chips are only approximation of optimized colorways. Dye lots may vary from these color samples. 

Sunbrella fabrics are solution dyed 100%  solution dyed acrylic fibers. Which means the entire fiber has been dyed to resist sun damage.

There are some less expensive indoor-outdoor fabric options available on the market today, but they do not wear as well as Sunbrella fabrics.  They are generally labeled as 100% acrylic or polyester blends. These fabrics have been surface dyed with an acrylic coating dye, and do not wear well. They fade more quickly as the dye wears off the surface of the fabric.

For your best durability and good looks always use Sunbrella fabrics! 3-5 year Guarantee against sun damage. Always ask for solution dyed 100% Sunbrella Acrylic or Sunbrella Fibers!